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Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

Over the course of several years Bowmill has been evolving into a more sustainable business. Every part of our business has the potential to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes devising our own Environmental Management System to swapping single-use plastics for recycled cardboard. But in order to achieve this, we must measure and analyse our environmental impact and break it down to functions within Bowmill.  Which is why we invited Greenly to measure and manage our carbon emissions.

greenly carbon footprint management

Greenly is a carbon accounting platform which helps to remove many of the time consuming and complex issues which surround measuring emissions.  Plus, Greenly also has on hand some great advice from experts. With their help we can take actionable steps to bring down the amount of CO2 Bowmill generates. And as the aerospace industry is determined to reduce the carbon footprint across the industry, this guidance is invaluable. Greenly will help Bowmill get up to speed quickly, and work with us to formulate our reduction plan.

The first action with Greenly was to understand our current level of emissions. Their audit for 2022 showed Bowmill generated 6.15Kt of CO2-eq. This is equivalent to 42.2t per employee, and the bulk of the emissions taking place during production. The figure places Bowmill in Category D – which is achieved by approximately 15% of all companies Greenly audits – and gives us an objective to try and move into Category C for the next annual audit.

Steps In Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

To reach this target we are looking to reduce our carbon emissions to around 5.95Kt for 2023. There are a number of ways we can achieve this. We are currently considering moving to a renewable energy supplier, and recently completed moving to LED lighting throughout our facilities. These two steps should realise a positive impact on our emissions over the coming months.

We will of course do more in the coming months to further reduce our carbon emissions. With help from Greenly we look forward to Bowmill evolving into a precision engineering company that has a minimal impact on the environment, and becoming a leading light in partner supply chains for sustainability.


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