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Bowmill Apprenticeship Programme

Our success is built on the inspiration of our staff – and our future depends on people.


With your talent and our support you can get on the first step to a career that will never stand still. The Bowmill Apprenticeship Programme covers all business disciplines within our advanced aerospace precision engineering facilities. Find out what could be the perfect career choice for you.

Valued Experience And Industry Qualifications

Bowmill apprentices get extensive exposure to active projects underway in Bowmill, along with time and funding for academic studies

Mentoring From the Very Best

Our staff are renowned for being amongst the very best in aerospace precision engineering. So you get to work with and learn from the leaders in the field.

Rewarding Start To Your Career

A Bowmill apprentice is always learning – and earning too. With other company benefits such as paid holidays, you can take the first steps on your career path with confidence and build your life.

Perks & Benefits


You Earn From The First Day

As an apprentice you are in a working environment. So you earn money. We pay a competitive rate depending on your age.


You Earn More Later Too

Earn more throughout their career compared to someone who develops their experience without a formal qualification.


There’s No Cost To You

Your learning is funded by Bowmill and the Government. You don’t have to worry about student loans or tuition fees.


Targeted and Personalised Tuition

You learn not just in a classroom, but with highly experienced professionals too.


You’re Given Responsibilities

You have a combination of learning and work. You've got regular work duties on top of learning.


Your Qualifications Are Valued

If you decide to move elsewhere after an apprenticeship, your qualifications will be very important.


Enjoy a More Certain Future

Someone who has served an apprenticeship is best placed to take over from experienced hands coming up to retirement.


Explore New Opportunities

Provides you with key abilities that also allow you to evolve and discover new career opportunities.

Our success is built on the inspiration of our staff – and our future depends on people. We want to find and develop individuals, unlocking their talent and helping them build a career to be proud of

To help do this we created the Bowmill Apprenticeship Programme to cover all business disciplines and actively engage in the Year in Industry Scheme. As a technical apprentice you will be learning within an exciting, demanding environment alongside support and help from local colleges.

Current Apprenticeships

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