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Bowmill Engineering Ltd

18-30 Morris Road

Nuffield Trading Estate

Poole BH17 0GG

Tel +44 (0)1202 266 266

Fax +44(0)1202 665 301


Bowmill Metal Treatments Ltd

85 Sterte Avenue West

Poole BH15 2AL

Tel +44 (0)1202 677 551

Fax +44(0)1202 666 372


Taymar Precision Grinding

18-30 Morris Road

Nuffield Trading Estate

Poole BH17 0GG

Tel +44 (0)1202 674 967

Fax +44(0)1202 665 301


Bowmill Engineering Ltd

Spectrum 700

Ashchurch Business Centre

Alexandra Way

Tewkesbury GL20 8TD

Tel +44 (0)1684 423 112


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Quality Assurance
A wide scope of customer approvals is upheld by our Management System accreditations and NADCAP processing approvals.
Bowmill is committed to providing a high performance service to the supply chain in support of our commitment to ADS SC21. Winning the WEAF Competitive Improvement Award in 2005 (Engineering) and 2006 (Metal Treatments) endorses Bowmill’s commitment to excel.
Supply chain management is coupled with innovation and a highly motivated, empowered workforce to ensure customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage is maintained at operational levels.  
Bowmill is ideally positioned and equipped to provide a complete service, delivering the cost and logistical advantages necessary of a world class supplier in a global market.

Precision Aerospace Engineering and Metal Finishing

Bowmill Engineering, Bowmill Metal Treatments and Taymar Precision Grinding are privately owned businesses employing 120 staff at facilities occupying more than 72,000 sq.ft. across two facilities - in Poole, Dorset and in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

We operate predominantly in the global aerospace sector.

Est. 1970

About the Bowmill Group Precision Engineering Precision Engineering Surface Treatments Surface Treatments

Our manufacturing and material processing capabilities cover a wide range of machining and treatment disciplines including:

We supply direct to the customer final assembly utilising KANBAN and KIT logistic techniques. Our products include:

Precision Manufacture

Assembly (incl. Clean room)

Non Destructive Testing

CNC Mill / CNC Mill Turn

CNC Grinding

Chromic / Sulphuric Anodise

Cadmium Plating

Hydraulic valve

Landing gear (kit assembly)

Engine components


Our products Precision Grinding Precision Grinding Vacancies at Bowmill Tewkesbury Vacancies at Bowmill Poole

Major investment with ETG as Bowmill launches new aerospace manufacturing plant

In its design and fitting-out of a new bespoke factory designed to manufacture Airbus landing gear kits, Bowmill Engineering Ltd has opted to purchase 8 brand new machining centres from Warwickshire based Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

May 2017

The full story at www.engtechgroup.com

Quaser MV154 VMCs

newly installed at the Tewkesbury facility