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From valve bodies to complex operating assemblies, Bowmill provides high-precision engineering services to exacting standards for the most demanding applications.

Bowmill manufactures products ranging from small valve assemblies to major flying control assemblies and complex landing gear kits.

With Bowmill, your components are manufactured, assembled and tested to the most exacting standards from our investment in advanced CNC machining and assembly technology combined with continual training of our experienced technicians. You can also utilise our treatment services for test and inspection, coatings and protection. Reducing lead-times, streamlining your sourcing effort and reducing risk of damage to your critical components are central to our commitments.


  • CNC Mill 5 Axis Multi-pallet
  • CNC Mill / CNC Mill Turn
  • CNC Robotic Manufacturing
  • CNC Grinding
  • Honing / Lapping
  • Assembly and Pressure Test

Bowmill Engineering, Tewkesbury

We will continually review and improve our internal environmental management system [EMS] and policies in respect of energy and waste. And where practical and within our scope, we will support our customer’s environmental strategies.

David Boucher, Chairman

Quality Is Everything

We strive to deliver the highest standards you demand for your precision engineered components. Investment in advanced manufacturing and production quality control techniques ensure you receive a product that conforms to your exact specifications and requirements. Our innovative continual improvement model seeks out opportunities to establish new levels of standards and performance. And every aspect of manufacturing your components is under the vigilant watch of our fully equipped quality department and our AS9100 accredited quality management system.

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Bowmill Metal Treatments compliments our engineering services to produce high quality products that meet the most demanding standards.

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