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Surface treatments

Bowmill Metal Treatments produce high quality products which are upheld by our AS9100 Quality Management system with Lloyd’s accreditation and NADCAP processing approval.

From manufacture to NDT and final material surface treatment processing reducing the necessity for further subcontracting and increased lead-time with control of the entire product process.

Our processing capabilities extend to a wide and diverse range of treatment disciplines including, non destructive testing, anodising, cadmium plating and spray surface treatments.

Supported by our fully integrated engineering facility combing key business metrics to the processing operations, offering our customers the benefit of reduced lead-time through single management order processing and under NADCAP Quality.


VAT Capacity

Automated Shot Peen

600 dia x 100

Heat Treatment (stress relieve)

1300 x 2000 x 1000

Dye Penetrant Inspection

3800 x 2000 spray booth

Magnetic Particle Inspection

990 x 2400 (between head)

Etch Inspection

600 x 600 x 1000

Hard Chrome Plating

2200 x 500 x 900

Chromic Anodise

1200 x 800 x 900

Sulphuric Anodise

2300 x 850 x 1100

Cadmium Plating

1800 x 800 x 1100

Passivation - stainless steel

900 x 600 x 700

Alocrom 1200

700 x 1200 x 900

Paint - all schemes

4400 x 2200 x 1500

Download a full list of our processing line VAT capacities


Automated Shot Peen

Heat Treatment (stress relieve)

Hard Chrome Plating of ferrous & copper based alloys

Cadmium Plating of ferrous & copper based alloys

Chromic anodising of aluminium alloys

Sulphuric Acid anodising of aluminium alloys

Alocrom 1200 conversion coating

Stainless Steel passivation

Paint spraying - all schemes

Dry film lubricant coating


Dye penetrant inspection

Magnetic particle inspection

Acid etch inspection

Bowmill Metal Treatments provides a quality surface treatment service for the aerospace industry, encompassing the following processes and applied to a wide scope of customer specifications:

Download a full list of our processing line VAT capacities Approvals