Established in 1970, Bowmill Engineering initially manufactured small precision parts for a wide range of industries.
By 1972, as demand from the Defence sectors increased dramatically, so the company expanded the scope and capacity of its plant, culminating in a 12,000 sq. ft. purpose built factory on the Nuffield Estate in Poole, housing a comprehensive C.N.C. machining facility. Experience gained in the manufacture of high precision components led Bowmill into the field of aerospace and electronics, which during the mid 70s accounted for 90% of the company’s activity; today, that figure has increased to 98%.
In the 1980s the business further expanded; manufacturing capacity increased by 50% and incorporating separate buildings housing the grinding and de-burring activities. We continued a strategy of growth to become a strategic supplier to the industries primes.
During 2000 the business embraced the principles of Lean Manufacturing which are now utilised throughout the business to ensure the global aerospace advanced process management.
The business successfully transitioned from ISO9002 to the now preferred AS9100 aerospace standard in January 2005 with a 100% first time assessment the       
foundations of which have enabled NADCAP accreditation.
In 2004 Bowmill acquired a small local metal treatments company. During a two year period of investment and growth the business, now Bowmill Metal Treatments, was aligned and integrated with engineering, further enhancing its strategic position.
In 2007 Bowmill purchased the industrial site next to the main factory on the Nuffield Estate, creating a dedicated Airbus facility which was completed in 2009. This facility has allowed a significant increase in capacity, resulting in the award of new contracts.
In 2010 Bowmill purchased the precision grinding company, Taymar, also located on the Nuffield Estate. This has allowed Bowmill to further complement its own grinding facility and increase its assembly area in line with customer expectations.
The company relates its successes in terms of quality, reliability and consequent growth to its policy of employing only highly skilled, self motivated workshop personnel. Each is responsible for running his or her own operations from start to finish including programming on the machine, setting, and liaising with the quality department.
The Bowmill Group